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In TheGroovyYou you’ll quickly learn how paramount it is to get deep with yourself, to use your rebelliousness for good, and to stop cutting off your nose to spite your face.
You are here to simply experience your awesomeness while it connects with the generosity of the world’s love for you. You will learn that it’s time to grow your god-given swagger, and Beth is here to be your guide.
Who is this for?

TheGroovyYou is for artists, creatives, and rebellious thinkers who want to get down with Beth’s up beat kind of therapy.

Being a creative and rebel herself, Beth calls her subscription therapy programs “gigs”. All of these GIGS offer witty banter, “shaken, not stirred,” and the wild insights for which Beth and her team are known. Beth continues writing and more "gigs" are in the works. She is eager to share opportunities for you to grow yourself into the grooviest you, and to nurture your natural swagger.

flagship gig!




Beth’s flagship therapy gig is a 21-day journey to grow your rebellious self into, what Beth calls, the Clear Vision of the Groovy You who has been begging to be invited to your life’s party.


For the next 21 days

You will learn it’s time to grow your god given swagger


Generate Balance

And alleviate your all or nothing thinking

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Get Deep with Yourself

Stop cutting off your nose to spite your face


Experience Connection

We aren’t built to live life in a vacuum, we are pack animals!




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  • 10 Day membership level.
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30 Day

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  • Access to REBEL REBEL.
  • life time membership level.
  • Life time = $49.99
  • No expiration date


Celebrating Art

Are you a striving artist?

“The artist is the muse behind this site.”

Beth only uses actual artist’s artwork for her illustrations and color throughout each therapy gig and website illustration.  No clip art used ever. If you are an artist and would like Beth and her crew to consider your original work, please contact her directly:

We would love to hear how the groovy you lifted your life.

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